Frequently Asked Questions


What is EnMed?
EnMed is an integrated educational and research medical program with a focus on innovation and entrepreneurship. It is a partnership between the Texas A&M University College of Medicine, Texas A&M College of Engineering and Houston Methodist Hospital.

Is EnMed a new medical school?
No, EnMed is an innovative new program within the Texas A&M College of Medicine designed to educate a new kind of doctor who will invent transformational technology for health care. Students will enter as a distinct cohort, with coursework occurring primarily in the Texas Medical Center.

How is EnMed different from a traditional Doctor of Medicine program?
EnMed students will fulfill all academic and professional requirements for the medical degree, but will engage in additional experiences involving engineering, innovation and entrepreneurship. These experiences are integrated into the curriculum from day one, uniquely preparing EnMed graduates to be leaders in inventing and applying cutting-edge technologies into medical practice.

How long is the EnMed program?
The EnMed curriculum is four years to complete both degrees.

How do I apply?
Students interested must first apply to the College of Medicine. During the secondary application, prospective students can apply to the EnMed option. The application process and requirements for applying can be found on the College of Medicine admissions webpage.

What do you look for in applicants?
Along with meeting the requirements for the Texas A&M College of Medicine, students must also have completed a bachelor’s degree in engineering, computer science, physics, mathematics, or similar discipline, and demonstrate experience in entrepreneurship or innovation. One of the letters of recommendation required for admission would need to be from a faculty member in engineering, computer science, physics, mathematics, or similar discipline.

Are new faculty being hired as part of the EnMed program?
Yes, new faculty will initially be hired as part of the EnMed program.

Can out-of-state students apply for EnMed?
Yes, up to 20 out-of-state students will be accepted into a class within a given year.

How many Texas A&M College of Engineering faculty are conducting health-related research?
Over 75 faculty members are engaged in health-related research across a broad spectrum of areas.

What degree(s) will students earn through the EnMed program?
Students will earn a master’s degree in engineering in addition to a Doctor of Medicine.

Will all students in the EnMed program conduct research?
Yes, research is an integral part of this program.

Will all students in the EnMed program invent something by the time they graduate?
Yes, all students in EnMed will be expected to invent something before they graduate.

Do I need to take the MCAT and GRE to be considered for admission?
Only the MCAT exam is required.