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About EnMed

The EnMed program, founded in 2019, is a collaboration between Texas A&M’s School of Engineering Medicine and the state’s top-ranked Houston Methodist Hospital established to transform health care through the development and training of physicianeers, the creation of medical technologies, and translational research.

The EnMed physicianeer is an innovative problem-solving doctor uniquely qualified to address some of health care’s greatest challenges. These graduates receive a Medical Doctorate and Master of Engineering degree focused on the design and implementation of impactful medical technologies in the same four years through a revolutionary curriculum. 

Roderic Pettigrew-EnMed Executive Dean

EnMed is led by Dean Dr. Roderic I. Pettigrew, founding Director of the National Institute for Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering.

In a prophetic video recorded in 2018, prior to the COVID pandemic, Dr. Pettigrew highlights the benefit of converging engineering and medicine from the decade of research by bioengineer Mark R. Prausnitz and his medical colleagues. (Georgia Tech/Emory)

EnMed News and Events

Dr. Paolini

Dr. Michael Paolini: Illuminating Minds, Inspiring Excellence in Education and Beyond

In education, some individuals possess an innate ability to impart knowledge and ignite an enthusiasm for learning. Dr. Michael Paolini, an Instructional Assistant Professor at Texas A&M University’s School of Engineering Medicine, stands as a paragon of such educators. Born from a lineage of wisdom—echoed in his father’s mantra, “Be your best, that’s all you […]

Sanjana Ranganathan

Life goal for Ranganathan: Combining engineering, medicine for good

For Sanjana Ranganathan, current EnMed student, the allure of medicine isn’t limited to the traditional clinical setting; it extends into the realm of engineering aligning her professional goals perfectly with EnMed. Ranganathan’s college years were highlighted by myriad applications of bioengineering and the endless possibilities she hopes may make a difference in patients’ lives. The […]

If there’s one thing that everyone seems to hate about hospitals, it’s the gowns. The “physicianeers” from the ENMED program at Texas A&M University and Houston Methodist are hoping to change that. The gowns, which tie in the back and often leave patients feeling exposed, are designed so staff can put them on someone who is immobile or unconscious […]

Health care providers use MRI scanners to diagnose, stage, monitor, and research disease. But what if an MRI could also be used to detect threats early and help prevent severe consequences? A scanner that could see coronary or vascular diseases before they cause a heart attack or stroke, for example, or identify prostate cancer in its earliest stage before a biopsy is done could […]

ENMED Commencement Ceremony

Nobel Laureates & Inventor of the Internet Colloquy

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